We at Redeemer Church want to build a community of gospel-centered people sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

We're sure we are not the only church in the area with this same desire.  So we want to communicate what we want our mission to "look like" in the life of our new church.  You will find our doctrinal beliefs clearly communicated in the "Beliefs" section of this website, but here are some practical, real-life implications of being gospel-centered people.

First, we want to treat one another as Christ treats us.  The forgiveness, patience, gentleness and affection we receive as sinners from a holy God is the example we want to follow in our relationships with one another.  We won't do this perfectly because we remain sinners who will undoubtedly disappoint one another.  But we want to grow together in imitating our Savior's mercy and compassion as we come alongside one another to grow in godliness.  This means that confession and the giving and receiving of forgiveness will be a regular occurrence at Redeemer Church!

Second, we want to "do life" together.  The Bible provides a clear call to rich, God-centered relationships. The kind of encouragement and meaningful help that's required for this to happen means we have to spend time together.  As a small church, we won't immediately have all the ministry opportunities you'll find at larger churches.  We hope you'll stick around long enough to help us!  But until then we will have times of fun, teaching and biblical fellowship that will help our relationships to deepen and grow.

Third, we want to share with others the hope the gospel has provided for us.  This is not only our biblical command, but we want it to be our joy.  We desire for Redeemer Church to be a place where the lost find comfort, acceptance and hope.  As we faithfully share the good news of the gospel with co-workers, family members, neighbors and friends we hope to see unbelievers join our church family as new Christians who can help us in our mission.  We want our new church to grow not just from Christians who are looking for a church family, but from unbelievers finding help and hope in the gospel because we obeyed the call to reach out to them.

Our community is full of people who need is not just a change of circumstances.  We need changed hearts.  We want to join with other gospel-preaching churches to see hearts changed through the hope the gospel brings.  We are a church of broken people whose failures, mistakes and sins have been invaded by this hope!  Being a gospel-centered church family is what we want to be…and we would love for you to help us accomplish this goal that only the power of Jesus Christ can make happen!