We are now meeting Sundays, 9:30am at the Winter Park YMCA. Parking spaces directly in front of the Y entrance are reserved as guest parking. See more information and plan your first visit here.


Welcome to Redeemer Church – a community of gospel-centered people sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

At Redeemer Church, our mission is clear and resolute: to build a community of gospel-centered people who share the transformative hope of Jesus Christ. Rooted in this purpose, we invite you, regardless of your background or season of life, to join us in cultivating your walk with Christ in the context of a local church.

Our Vision in Action

Gospel-Centered Relationships: We model the forgiveness, patience, gentleness, and affection we receive from Christ in our interactions with one another. As a community of individuals on a shared journey, we embrace both grace and growth, aiming to emulate our Savior's mercy as we walk together.

Authentic Connections: Our commitment to meaningful relationships goes beyond mere gatherings – it's about investing and caring for one another. As a close-knit community, we may not boast an exhaustive list of professional ministries, but we value depth over breadth. Through shared experiences, teachings, and genuine conversations, we cultivate lasting relationships.

Hope Shared, Lives Changed: We are compelled by both biblical command and joy to share the hope of the gospel. Redeemer Church is a haven where the lost find acceptance, solace, and transformation. By extending the gospel's good news to colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family, we believe in the potential for unbelievers to embrace faith and become integral to our mission.

Join Us in Our Mission

We recognize genuine change requires more than superficial shifts – it demands transformed hearts. As individuals who have experienced the profound impact of the gospel, we are living proof of its power. Redeemer Church isn't just a congregation; it's a family of believers united by the strength of Jesus Christ. We extend an invitation to join us in this journey, contribute to our mission, and embrace the power of gospel-centered living in a community that's dedicated to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ.